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March 30, 2021



The weight this piece of equipment can carry can go all the way up to 500kg. We always recommend that you check the weight of the drums that you need to lift before you purchase a dolly to ensure it can carry the weight, is the right size and meets your required specifications.


Drum dollies are usually made from steel to carry the weight across a small circumference area and fit the size of what are usually circular drums. The weight of them can vary ranging from being able to carry 25 litres all the way up to 210 litres. 208 litres is the common nominal volume of a container drum which is why you should look at getting the 210-litre capacity dolly to ensure you can move the standard weighted drum container.


It can be a good idea to get the highest weight limit dolly as this way you will be able to carry the lower weight container drums, as well as higher weight limit container drums, up to the max capacity. As container drums usually have a max limit themselves, drum dollies are designed in a way to be able to carry its max weight.




You now have a good idea of what a drum dolly is, how one is made up, how they can be operated, the design, and the weight ranges they can carry. To illustrate how they work, we wanted to give you a few example situations where you might expect to use one or where you might see one in use.


Of course, depending on your business challenge or the industries your business operates in will likely determine whether you need this drum carrying solution or not. One of the examples below will ideally give you confirm whether one is right for you.




Drum containers are used in the oil & gas containers due to them being able to hold the flammable and hazardous liquids that are used in this industry and the rate at which items need to be transported.


Due to the rate at which drum containers need to be moved around in the oil & gas industry, it makes drum dollies well suited for businesses that need to move drum containers carrying liquids such as oil.




In the food and beverage industry drum containers are used to carry foods such as dry foods in bulk and move high amounts of liquids such as water.


This makes drum dollies an ideal solution if your business is one that moves, sells, or buys food and drinks in large quantities. You will likely find them used alongside a palletiser in the food and beverage industry as it's common to move multiple amounts in one go.




Due to drum containers being able to handle hazardous materials and liquids, it's common for them to be used in the construction industry to move construction liquids from one point to the other. This makes the construction industry a perfect example of where you will find one in use.

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