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March 30, 2021



In short, it's a small sized piece of gear that is used to move drums from one place to another with relative ease.

The four wheeled drum mover is a versatile product that allows easy movement of what are potentially heavy and hazardous containers due to its four wheels attached to the steel frame.


The large majority of the variations available have four rotatable wheels attached to a circular steel frame that allows different sized or shaped drums (within reason) to rest on the steel circular frame.


You will find that they are designed for carrying both steel and polyethylene container drums and usually circular measurements.

You can expect drum dollies to last you a long time due to their design from steel and the durability of the four multi-directional wheels attached to the frame.


They are designed to ensure when a drum container is held in its circumference that it does not move. You can expect this piece of equipment to have an X shape going across the circular base with heightened support with the aim to stop your drum container from wobbling. This can also be used as a point of support for them if you're going to be moving them over uneven surfaces.


When you're purchasing one, you can expect it to have anti-tip wings to keep your drum container upright and not cause any spillage which could lead to a hazardous leak if the drum container is damaged or not correctly closed and secured.




This handy piece of equipment works by the drum container being loaded onto it and then being able to move this load with ease. By having four wheels attached to the bottom it gives it the capability to be wheeled around by you in 360-degrees movement.


It's important to note that you should only ever use these products on their own should only be used on flat services. If you are planning to use one on a slanted or irregular surface, you will want to consider adding extra support to it by adding a ratchet strap or two from one point of the steel frame diagonally over to the other side.


You can easily push your drum containers by putting them on this piece of equipment and moving it from one location to another with your hands and with not much effort. If you need to push multiple drum containers, we recommend you look at getting supporting lifting equipment that is capable of moving multiple container drums or moving them quicker along more uneven or harsher surfaces.


You can also use these with other lifting equipment if it needs to be lifted to a certain height or moved across tougher terrain that the wheels and bearings on the frame might not be able to. Examples of items that can be used to load drums from or with a drum dolly include a fork-mounted drum tilter with a gearbox or a fork-mounted rib grip drum handler.


You can get drum dollies usually in two types; either in stainless steel or heavy-duty steel.


Heavy-duty steel versions are great for what the name implies - carrying heavily loaded drums - and these accept most drum barrels for where cleanliness is not an issue.


Stainless steel versions make them great in situations if your business operates with equipment that needs to be compliant with clean environments such as in the food industry and where rust needs to be avoided.


Depending on who you buy this drum carrying solution from, you can expect it to be powder coated which is something we always do with any version you get from LES to ensure our customers have a robust product.