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April 2, 2021

At industrial companies, workers still have to do a lot of heavy lifting on a daily basis. A special lifting device makes it easy to pick up, tilt, rotate, and transport drums. This drum-moving equipment not only protects employees from physical damage, but also increases the efficiency of the workflow as a whole.

Companies and factories producing food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or other chemical substanceshave to store a diverse range of barrels filled with various liquids or powders. Throughout the manufacturing processes, these drums need to be tilted and emptied into machines or filling lines.


Such operations pose a considerable challenge, as one barrel may weigh between 40 and 250 kilograms. This makes it impossible to rely on manual labour without violating the general health and safety standards. Industrial workers who lift and transport heavy drums will severely impair their physical well-being in the long run.

Thankfully, you can protect staff and accelerate the workflow with the help of conveyor systems designed specifically for moving drums weighing as much as 55 gallons. When used in combination with special tools, these drum lifters can complete numerous tasks safely and efficiently. Whether you need to handle barrels and drums made from plastic, steel, or wood, filled with wine, beer or oil – a drum-lifter wagon will facilitate daily routines significantly.