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The Benefits of Using the SINOLIFT moving equipment:

March 30, 2021

  • A safer workplace: We know that when holding containers get full they are heavy and are often packed with hazardous liquids. Transferring them can be difficult for a worker or multiple workers to shift manually, and attempting to do so can latest company news about The Benefits of Using the SINOLIFT moving equipment:  0lead to damages, accidents, and spills. Utilising the SINOLIFT DRUM STACKER equipment process becomes more comfortable, safeguarding employees, and creating a safe workspace.
  • Enhanced productivity: When workers can handle this equipment effortlessly, more work is accomplished at a faster rate. Owing to the same, a business can expect a significant boost in productivity, because now the business can produce more and achieve more during the workday.
  • Greater effectiveness: This handling equipment makes moving and pouring items much more manageable. When workers don’t have to fight through the handling, they can do the job quicker and get more done in the same amount of time.
  • Worker satisfaction: Happy workers get more done, make their job easier and they will work faster and be happier.

How to Move Steel versions with our own SINOLIFT mover:

  1. Engage the trolley with what it needs to lift by steering it by the rear handle.
  2. With the beak-type Safety First spring loaded locking mechanism in the lowest position pull the black lever back and engage the beak of the mechanism around the top rim of the steel container.
  3. Ensure the safety release valve is closed (this automatically closes when you let go of it due to the spring-loaded safey mechanism, however it is best practise to always check it is securely closed to avoid accidental lowering once loaded).
  4. Begin lifting using the rear steering handle which doubles up as a pump for the hydraulic ram which lifts the upper section of the mast that raises the goods from the ground.
  5. Transport the drum to the desired location at the lowest possible height for added safety.
  6. Once in position gently turn the pressure relief valve (you can see this separate handle with black star shaped grip next to the steering handle) this lowers the goods back to the ground and can be gently controlled. If setup correctly (always test and check the manual) the pressure relief valve will automatically close when the user lets go.
  7. Disengage the top locking mechanism with the handle and you're free to handle more items.

Some of its features include:

  • They are ideally suited to moving and lifting 210-liter versions.
  • Safety First- Locking mechanism holds to the top of the container securely and safely.
  • There is a smooth movement of drums owing to the two large rollers and one rear steering caster wheel.
  • Two fixed wheels and one castor wheel fitted with a safety brake.
  • For use with steel versions of this equipment
  • Fully assembled