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April 23, 2021

Heavy lifting can be dangerous and tricky, so it is imperative that we use the right type of equipment that is needed for completing the respective tasks.

In this article, we are going to be talking about two of those very important types of equipment that are used in industries, i.e, lifting slings, and shackles along with single leg chain sling.

Lifting Slings and Shackles

Moving the heavy and huge objects at commercial or industrial sites need high quality lifting chains and slings.

Lifting objects brings a sense of safety and ultimate convenience in these commercial and industrial environments, enabling users to ensure lifting these heavy objects safely and efficiently.

You can be sure of purchasing the right quality of lifting slings and shackles by knowing the weight of the items that you are going to be lifting or moving.

These lifting slings and shackles can be purchased from the UK Lifting store and that too with absolutely amazing quality, as their lifting slings and shackles are very robust and durable, assuring you that they will not fail. These Slings and shackles can be used in rigging, cylinder lifting, and other lifting tasks, where the manual involvement has to be minimum to ensure the safety of the products and labor.


Here are some tips that can help you choose the right lifting slings and shackles for you:-

  1. Understand the intended application: If you need to use lifting slings and shackles, you must consider the following points,
  • Maximum load to be lifted by the apparatus,
  • The shape of the load to be lifted,
  • Overall length from the link to the hook,
  • The associated components such as links and hooks, and,
  • Angles of the load point


  1. The slings and shackles by are crafted with the highest standard so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your slings and shackles will perform those specifications stated by the manufacturer.


Single leg Chain slings

While lifting heavy loads, you need to have the right equipment, and one such equipment that is used often to rig these kinds of loads is called a chain sling.

Useful in various industrial fields and applications, these slings are temperature resistant, sufficiently strong, and flexible to take on a range of loading conditions. Still, it is important that we must take every precaution and safety measure to ensure the proper security of the workers and loading or rigging material.

There are various types of slings that are used in these applications, these are, single, double, and multi-leg chain slings.