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2 units NPH1500 1.5Ton Scissors Pallet Truck

March 14, 2024

Max. Fork Height: 800mm

Lowest Fork Height: 85mm

Capacity: 1500KG

Scissor lift pallet trucks are designed for loading and unloading conveyors, infeed presses, orany application where pallets or containers need to be moved and positioned. They aresuitable for handling skids and open bottom containers and are designed for loading andunloading on feed presses or stamping presses.


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lt can be used as a lift table, workbench or standard pallet truck - for single piece lines.

lt has a closed fork head, a reinforced chassis to ensure a longer service life, ergonomicallydesigned handles for a comfortable feel and thicker grip housing.The chassis has an upper steering bearing that reduces friction and steering forces.

lt alsocomes with anti-tip and anti-slip feet.
The single-cylinder pump design utilizes an improved hydraulic body that is more robust andtherefore requires less maintenance.
The open-bottom tray is manually raised to the proper working height.

Support feet automatically deploy to ensure operator safety.

Automatically reduces lowering speed to prevent damage from heavy loads.Maintenance-free bushings and bearings sealed and lubricated for lifeCompatible with skids, totes and open bottom palletsCross braces and steel forgings on lifting product arms prevent twisting

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